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BS 2853 Specification for the Testing of Steel Overhead Runway Beams for Hoist Blocks 2011

This standard specifies the minimum requirements for testing of fixed overhead runway beams made from rolled steel sections. It applies to the runway beams and their components only; it does not apply to supporting structures, to travelling trolleys, and lifting appliances operating on the beams, or to crane gantries or rails.

Paragraph 7: Effective end stops shall be provided on the runway to prevent the trolley either falling from the beams or fouling the structure of the building in which the runway is installed. All end stops shall not operate on the flange of the trolley wheels.

Paragraph 8.2: The loads shall be measured by a load cell calibrated to BS EN ISO 7500-1 such that the inaccuracies do not exceed +/-2%.

Paragraph 9: The safe working load, identification number and any limiting conditions shall be plainly and permanently marked on the runway so as to be clearly visible to the operator.


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