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Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations:1998 (LOLER)

As well as the requirements laid out by PUWER, lifting equipment has further legislation due to its specialised nature which is covered under the LOLER regulations.

Key requirements of LOLER are that equipment provided for use at work is

  • Strong and stable for the particular use and marked to indicate the safe working load.
  • Positioned and installed to minimise risks.
  • Used safely, ie. Planned, organised and executed by competent people; and
  • Examined and inspected -competent people must examine the equipment at least:
    - on installation
    - every 6 months - "lifting accessories" or,
    - every 12 months - "lifting equipment" or,
    - in accordance to a written scheme of examination as agreed with competent person
  • Records of examinations and inspections are to be kept.

Frequently asked questions:

Is my component classed as "lifting equipment" or a "lifting accessory"?
Where components are an integral part of the lifting machinery, they are classed as "lifting equipment". Where the components can be fitted to or taken off lifting equipment, they are considered "lifting accessories".

Who is able to carry out a Thorough Examination?
The Competent Person carrying out a Thorough Examination must be deemed competent by virtue of attaining the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge, together with experience that will enable them to detect defects or weaknesses in the equipment. This will be a combination of experience, training and qualifications.

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