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We stock a wide range of webbing and round slings to BS EN 1492 with a safety factor of 7:1. They are colour coded to CEN standard and we can supply wear sleeves to prolong the life of your sling. This category of lifting equipment is subject to a 6 month statutory thorough examination, which given the low cost of the fabric slings, we recommend that they are destroyed and thrown away at the end of the job they are purchased for. This avoids the need for storage, thereby avoiding inadvertent damage and re-inspection prior to use.

Web Slings

General purpose flat slings constructed of 100% heavy-duty polyester webbing. These slings are lightweight, less likely to scratch or damage the load, resist mildew and bacterial growth, and have excellent elongation properties versus their nylon counterparts. For use in choker, vertical and basket hitches.

Round Slings

Round slings are easy to use, efficient in operation and gentle on surface contact. The inner core is made from high tensile polyester fibre which is wound continuously without a join to provide the maximum possible strength. This core is protected by a tough woven tubular sleeve also made from polyester without side stitch. It serves to protect both the inner core of the sling and the surface of the product which it is lifting. The very nature of round slings offer greater flexibility, moulding to irregular loads and have a very low weight to length ratio versus more traditional chain and wire options.

Chain Slings

Chain slings are used primarily for overhead lifting and are generally used in conjunction with a crane or some type of lifting device. Standard sling configurations consist of chain branches, which are affixed on one end to a master link or ring, with some type of attachment, usually a hook, affixed to the opposite end. These items of lifting equipment are recommended for use in industrial environments where flexibility, strength, resistance and long life are required.

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